The Story Of The Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is among the most widely known and simply recognized automobiles on the highway today. Who does not recognize the sporty chrome pony imprinted around the shiny fresh paint of the Ford Mustang? However I wager a lot of you do not know a brief history from the Mustang.

Well get into your time capsule and join me for a ride to the year 1964. To be more specific, March 9, 1964. Which was your day the first Ford Mustang folded from the assembly line – it had been a whitened convertible having a red-colored interior. It produced a sensation nationwide. As a fact, within 18 several weeks, Ford offered over a million Mustangs!

Just several weeks after its introduction, Ford started presenting changes for that ’65 Mustang, together with a bigger engine, reverse lights, as well as an AC alternator. Within the first couple of many years of its existence, the Mustang broke sales records, impressed the general public, and left rivals within the dust.

The following project for the Mustang ended up being to take lower the Chevrolet Corvettes in the realm of racing. That job was handled by Carroll Shelby, the famous race vehicle driver and designer. The end result was the famous GT / Cobra number of cars.

In 1967, Ford introduced a recently remodeled Mustang, having a 335 HP engine, along with other enhancements, permitting it to carry on it’s massive recognition. Ford ongoing to create enhancements and changes towards the Mustang, also it continued to be highly popular, even if rising gas prices, rising insurance charges, pollutants standards, etc triggered muscle cars some hard occasions in early 70’s.

Some of the Mustangs rivals, like the Barracuda, went of production, however the Ford Mustang ongoing to market. The Ford Mustang almost died within the late eighties, though, because of slouching sales. But Mustang fans began writing Ford letters, and Ford made the decision to own Mustang a redesign and the other try. Sales returned up, and also the Mustang remains a well known vehicle even today.

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