Four Cars That Have Power

1: Ford Mustang– the Ford Mustang has been around since the 1960’s and has become an American classic car. The new Mustangs are already fast and powerful so adding a little bit more power takes this car to a whole different level. The Mustang has so many different options that you can add to it that it isn’t even funny. It is one of the most customizable cars and part manufacturers know this. There are a lot of different options that you can add that will bring the power.

2. Chevy Camaro– the Chevy Camaro has been around since the 1960’s just like the Mustang. The Camaro comes stock with over 300 horsepower and some models producing over 580hp. With the right modifications, you can get over 600hp. The new Camaros are something special too. You don’t have to do too much to the look of the car except wheels, so you can focus all of your attention to getting that engine roaring with power and speed. More options are being added daily to this line of vehicles so it will be easy to get the power that you are looking for.

3. Dodge Charger– the Dodge Charger is the next one on the list that was started in the 1960’s. The Charger can come stock with over 425hp and 420lb-ft of torque. The Charger has also come out with a police package version that has a top speed of 146mph. You probably have seen a lot of the newer police cars getting switched over to the Charger and for good reason. Just stock has enough speed to catch the bad guys, but there is a lot of options, chips, programmers, and etc that can be added to get the vehicle reaching close to the 200 mph mark on any given day.

4. Chevy Corvette– the Chevy Corvette has been around since the 1950’s and has been known for being a powerful and fast car. The new generations of Corvettes have a 0-60 time in less than 4 seconds. Adding more power to this car can be done but you better put on that seat belt and hold tight. The main problem with adding power to these cars is that a lot of parts are more specialized which causes them to be more expensive. There are however cheaper options that can add a little bit of horsepower such as an air intake system.

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