Latest news on the 2015 Ford Mustang

Car enthusiasts have been enthralled by the Ford Mustang since its stunning debut in the 1960s. Distinctive styling elements combined with an unrivaled engine have remained unmatched with recent versions. Drivers are eagerly looking for any news about the 2015 model as the 50th anniversary approaches. Although Ford is trying to keep details secret, many people wonder if this year will provide the changes they seek while staying true to past successes.

Mustangs have never been known as the most fuel efficient vehicles on the market. Most consumers who bought this vehicle in the past opted for the gas guzzling V8 engine. Rumors currently indicate that Ford is looking to bring in buyers looking for better mileage and this may include pushing V6 engines instead.

The stylish design is a well defined part of previous models but there are always exceptions. This is especially true in the 1980`s styles which moved away from the distinctive look that owners were seeking.

During the 1990s, Ford made the decision to revert to a retro look. These vehicles were a success and brought the brand back to prominence among the automotive community. With the 2015 model, the company is seeking a way to move forward while keeping interest high. Concept cars revealed by the automaker show a sleeker appearance. Headlights look slightly slanted with a slit small enough to just accommodate the right amount of light. Wheels have a striking chrome finish the accentuates a thinner tire.

Ford is at the forefront of incorporating technology in a wide range of their cars and trucks. As customers demand the latest trends, this leading manufacturer is trying the create one of the most state-of-the-art Mustangs ever. The 2015 model is currently set to include many options that take advantage of new trends. A centerpiece will be the prominent display panel that allows users to control several features just by using their voice. The wi-fi equipped console shows well-known websites such as Facebook and Twitter. A central navigation system also relies on the increased functionality.

Safety features are always a consideration but their prominence is even more definitive on the 2015 Mustang. Cameras allow clear views of objects or people out of the driver`s range of vision. The image is projected onto mirrors that are easily seen by any car owner.

Sensors add another element that calls attention to any possible issues. Ford has previously stated that they are also interested in the health of every driver. Many accidents are caused by people with health issues such as heart attacks or strokes. Equipment is currently being tested that will monitor heart rates at all times when the vehicle is in use.

The 2015 Ford Mustang is highly anticipated by all automobile enthusiasts. These people are known for their intense critiques as well as a serious dedication towards the brand. Users find that sites like give them a wide range of information for their favorite vehicle.

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