A Review of the Kenny Brown Brake Cooling Kit for the 1994-2014 Ford Mustang

If you run a muscle car and you`re used to taking it to the limit when it comes to speed, you`ve probably already considered the benefits of a brake cooling kit. While there are a number of kits on the market, however, you`ll find that the most effective one for your Ford Mustang, Boss, Shelby or Cobra is the Kenny Brown Brake Cooling Kit.

Unlike other brake cooling accessories, the Kenny Brown Brake Cooling Kit channels airflow in a unique, patented way to completely surround and circulate throughout the brake rotors, resulting in a superior performance and long-lasting results.

The Kenny Brown Brake Cooling Kit fits in place of the brake`s dust shield, which is riveted to the Oem spindle. The kit easily bolts directly onto the spindle in the exact same location; you`ll only need a few tools that you`ve likely already got on hand for this simple installation.

The kit also includes your choice of a red silicone or black neoprene reinforced hose; both hoses come in a three-inch length but can be trimmed to fit. It also includes a universal inlet duct accessory kit that will facilitate adapting the cooling kit to the front bumper`s cover. Because of its ergonomic construction, the kit can be easily and quickly retrofitted onto any 1979-1993 Mustang.

Performance wise, this cooling kit will go a long way toward improving the efficiency of your entire braking system. It also will lower brake temperature and will even prolong the life and usability of the brake pads and rotors.

Why Use a Brake Cooling Kit?

As any professional race driver will tell you, brake temperatures play a pivotal part in how long your brakes will last. With temperatures ranging from 500 to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit on a typical racetrack, the longevity of component parts such as brake pads and rotors can be greatly affected by these extremes in heat.

As you`re probably aware, a new Mustang has factor brakes that, while entirely adequate for normal wear, aren`t particularly well suited for open track driving. Likewise, a Mustang`s factory brakes can be vulnerable to the temperature extremes that result from high speeds or heavy, hard braking.

By adding a state-of-the-art brake cooling system, you could not only extend the life of your brakes, but also achieve smoother, more reliable braking.

The Kenny Brown Brake Cooling Kit is especially suited for the 1994-2014 Mustang, the Boss 302, the Shelby GT500 and the SVT Cobra. When it comes to high performance cars like these, you`ll be able to immediately see the benefits that a high-tech cooling system can give you.

How is the Kenny Brown Brake Cooling Kit different?

The Kenny Brown Brake Cooling Kit acts as a cooling duct to channel airflow throughout the rotor veins of your car. This is a much more efficient way of delivering the air than the typical method of pushing the air up into the swept part of the rotor.

Typically, many of the brake cooling kits on today`s market merely push the air onto the rotor`s inner surface. This isn`t nearly as effective as pushing the air into the center of the rotor, guaranteeing that both the rotor`s surfaces will be cooled. This method also helps to cool the calipers, the brake pads and even the brake fluid.

Because of this method of cooling, the Kenny Brown Brake Cooling Kit is unique on the market and gets the highest ratings from enthusiastic users. Best of all, you`ll find that this cooling kit quickly pays for itself, because you won`t need to replace the pads or the rotors nearly as often.

Car enthusiasts agree. Kenny Brown is a name that you can trust and this brake cooling kit lives up to the high level of performance expected of it.

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